NW Warehousing


NW Warehousing has identified the key elements that create a world class facility as:

  • Comprehensive 24 Hour security

  • Efficient handling of stock inflow and outflow

  • State of the art inventory control

  • Maintaining the highest possible standards in safety, cleanliness and hygiene

  • Well trained staff, supervised by experienced managers

  • Reliable and efficient service at all levels from every department

  • Providing the right location for the best possible delivery times and most favourable distribution costs

  • Offering cost effective warehousing and competitive solutions

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At NW Warehousing we pride ourselves on providing the service that our clients deserve. Having seen the challenges and frustrations that our customers experienced with warehouse providers, we developed a cost effective solution that offers a world class and hassle free storage and distribution service that our clients can rely on.
Working closely with one of the leading importers and distributers of a wide range of quality products for the pharmaceutical, hygiene, food and beverage industry, we understand the importance of storing and warehousing different goods in a well-managed and secure environment, and we know only too well what efficient and timely distribution means to our clients.
Gone are the days of waiting for hours on end for your transporters to be loaded and the constant conflicts with carriers or shipping companies due to the stock not being offloaded on time. The inability to locate stock in the storage facility and having to spend precious hours on stock takes, trying to find missing items due to poor packing, is no longer an issue. We’ve put an end to the blaming games when products were found to be damaged, and customers having to deal with uncooperative or nonchalant warehousing staff. No longer will your valuable time be taken up with incorrect billing and monthly disputes due to the lack of paperwork or a proper audit history. Finally, your insurance assessors can put their mind at ease over the safety standards at your preferred storage facility.