what we offer


The warehousing facilities include a 24hour security guard controlling all site access and exit points, security cameras throughout the premises, all backed up by an around-the-clock-armed response. A state of the art access control system with biometric readers and special tag holders ensures that access is only granted to authorised personnel. What we offer also ensures the correct flow in the warehouse for the despatch and receiving areas.

Controlled access guarantees that there are no unauthorised access points to the storage areas of the warehouse from the outside. This sophisticated system makes it extremely difficult for unapproved stock to leave the facility.


Safety is at all times a top priority to NW Warehousing. We generally install a Category IV ASIB compliant sprinkler system, both overhead and in-rack, which is regularly serviced and will keep any discerning insurance company well satisfied. Other safety measures include clear fire exits with fire equipment that is regularly serviced and smoke vent louvres. Our employees are well trained and fully licensed to handle the emergency equipment and wear reflective uniforms at all times, in addition, extensive health and safety rules have been put in place. Rack protection at the end of the aisles and all the uprights are installed to ensure the safe handling of stock. Regular servicing of all equipment and operational machinery adds to providing a safe environment.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

A vigorous cleaning programme is maintained at the warehousing facility by dedicated staff assigned specifically to this function. NW Warehousing sets high standards for a clean and neat environment and always attains municipal certification of acceptability for food on the premises. In addition to this, several yearly audits are conducted by clients from various industries to verify that the facilities comply with their own high standards.

A monthly pest control service throughout the facility ensures that all the stock is stored in a safe and hygienic environment.